Thursday, November 17, 2011

New life 2011

Wow...its been a long long time didn't update my blog...
can said so.....a lot of new things happended to me ...
new experiences, new life, new beginning, new chances, new friends, new environment....
there have been good day, bad day....happy day, sad day.....friendly ppls, selfish & action ppls....all surround you.....
even there are so many difficulties around...
this is the way that i choose, thats what i want at the beginning....
so.....just do it! as what NIKE said....

Each time i face difficulties.....i will tell myself : challenge, challenge, challenge!!!

Challenge is an opportunity to improve myself,
change the system, strategy & add new knowledge
so that i can move to the next level....

If no change, i wouldn't know i can go that far.....

Anyway, really thanks to my ex-bosses who treated me so well.....
thanks to the one who are unfriendly to me too...
i know that there are too many ppls in this world with different attitude & behavoiur, thats why we wouldn't meet all nice ppls who surround us...

Appreciate what you have now....althought it good or bad,easy or must goes will painted you with great memories in your life....

I accept life full of challenges, i will solve it with positive energy!

If you feel that you are bored,
move out from your comfort zone & conquer the unknown,
the unconquered & the future is yours

Belief in yourself!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Wishes....

Just come across my ex-colleague's blog....
get to know their deliver's due day is nearer...
best wishes to them...farrah & ziela...
May mummy & bb also in good health...
Welcome to the world bb.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

homemade CNY biscuits

thanks feiling & her aunty(Laura)
this time we make 4 types of biscuits in just one day
we make pineapple tart, chocolate cookies, hazelnut & almond biscuit
sharing is caring
more peoples co-operation makes thing easier & faster
we all enjoyed the process of homemade cookies
thanks teacher Laura ....she is super fast in prepare foods...geng

All's Well, Ends Well 2011 (2011) Teaser

Have a good day with family on the CNY 15th day "Chap Goh Mei"
bring them for movie "Alls well, ends well" @ cinema nearby
very funny.....feel good that mum love it too
didi watched it before, follow along for the 2nd round
hahhaha.....i feel this movie is nicer than I love HK...
before the movie ...have some drinks in old town....
snap a sweet photo for both mum & didi....
didi looks handsome & mum look so sweet~
hopefully didi ganbadei for his future undertaking
work more hard for his career....nothing in the world is free & easy
we must work hard for it....but not really work hard as "cow"...
sometimes we can wisely use our knowledge to ease the way we go through
so you are still young, a long way to go.....learning & learning will get you a new life ya!~~~
Ganbadei ganbadei!!! This is just a new beginning~


V-special @ Zouk The Garden
Dessert & main course are very nice
but pity the raw oyster i din eat at all
even though it served nicely
the main course is cod fish & lamb chop
matching so nicely & the portion is just nice
feel full after the dessert~
Zouk have a free goodies bag for each couples
a free Nutox perfume 50ml & uber products
cherish & appreciate it.....thanks !!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

dinner with family & friends
one is prepared by mama....
tasty homemade dishes
another we taken in vegetarian restaurant
make few new friends last few day
they are 2 Malays & 1 Chinese
which is feiling 's colleagues
i think they are modern Malays
because they can have the dinner with us
cos' according to my traditional Malay colleague,
even though there are vegetarian
made or prepared by Chinese
Malay are not allow to eat
but there are some questions pop out in my mind
there are no meats at all
all dishes are made by beans & vegetables....
anyway a very happy day with all of them
thanks for the nice dinner too

Chinese New Year decoration in Sunway Pyramid & Carrefour in Kepong